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Community Feedback

I would like to express my satisfaction with the Canadian Alliance To End Homelessness (CAEH) partnership and collaboration to bring a first time pilot collaboration to our community in training Motivational Interviewing (MI) trainers for our homeless serving funded agencies.

Valuable support, direction, assistance, resources and techniques have been provided and shared for our trainees to continue the legacy of motivational interviewing lessons and practices.

A vast majority of employees with our funded agenicies have been trained by our MI trainers and we are launching into a new year of training, looking to having new staff trained in the principles and practices of MI.

Both fulfilling and rewarding the collaborative pilot project has been a success as motivational interviewing lessons and practices can be applied throughout life.  MI has lasting impacts on both my personal and professional life and through my experience can be utilized under any circumstances. 

Cheryl Cooper
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray, AB)

I had the privilege of working with the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness for their case management and motivational interviewing training support, and the impact on our community has been remarkable.

The dedication and expertise of the team at CAEH is truly commendable. Training provided was not only comprehensive but also tailored to the unique challenges we face in our work. The motivational interviewing techniques they shared have proven to be invaluable in building trust and empowering individuals seeking supports in our region.

What sets the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness apart, is their commitment to continuing education and supportive change. CAEH doesn’t just teach, they inspire action. The weekly and monthly support in the creation and re-structuring of Motivational Interviewing tools to best fit our community was nothing short of exceptional; helping us develop effective strategies, and address barriers to proper connection within Intensive case management, made educating our community quite effective.

Since implementing the training and support from the Canadian Alliance, we’ve seen a positive shift in our ability to connect with and assist those in need. Their guidance has given us the tools and confidence to create lasting change.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness to any organization striving to educate community staff actively working within the homeless sector. Their passion, expertise, and genuine care for community workers and patrons comes through in all supports provided.

Thank you, Canadian Alliance, for being an invaluable partner in our endeavor on ending homelessness.

Gavon Russell
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray, AB)

Thank you for the amazing training you provided to our staff. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback about it and many folks say it is one of the best sessions they have ever taken

Michael Grant
Program Manager, SORCE, Calgary

DRC Solutions is so grateful for the knowledge, experience, and dedication to Housing First that Wally and CAEH’s Training & Technical Assistance (TTA) team shared with us this summer. As a homeless and housing service provider in Fort Worth, Texas, we are thankful that Wally’s team was willing to make the trip down to Texas to provide our organization with much needed tools and skills to best serve our neighbors experiencing and exiting homelessness. The Assertive Engagement training was very informative and worthwhile. Regardless of experience or education level, the training had so many lessons and tools that we believe will have long-term, positive impacts for each staff member, as well as the folks that we serve. CAEH’s TTA team also assisted our organization with a thorough fidelity review of our Housing First PSH program that has, and will continue to, lead to positive changes for our residents. The insight and knowledge gained from CAEH and their TTA team will help ensure our staff feel supported, and in turn will lead to the best possible outcomes for the folks we serve. DRC Solutions looks forward to future endeavors with the team at CAEH TTA!

Tony Wilson
COO - DRC Solutions, Fort Worth

The training we received was absolutely fabulous! Our trainers provided such a wealth of information and amazing support! It was very inspiring to spend time with them and learn from their wisdom; definitely couldn’t ask for better.

Kendra Giles

As a community that only recently started to focus on Housing First, the opportunity to work with CAEH TTA has been invaluable to our organization and community. Starting in the summer of 2016, with Housing First 101, and continuing through December with Person-Centered Planning training, we have had the good fortune of receiving a quality training experience. Feedback has been resoundingly positive, and many of the tools that were shared, along with the tips and techniques, are being used in daily practice in organizations across the community. We look forward to working with Wally and the team at CAEH to bring more high quality, relevant, and impactful training to our community.

Mike Gawliuk
CMHA Kelowna

Hi Michelle, I just wanted the thank you guys for yesterday’s webinar with Wally. As a region still in its infancy with Housing First, I welcome the opportunity to learn from those more experienced! I really loved hearing from some of the other participants who are experiencing the same difficulties that I do. It’s reassuring in a way and a great way to learn. Really enjoy these moments of connection.

David Michels - Housing First Case Manager

Hi Wally, I just wanted to say the training went well. We certainly benefited from the gifts that each presenter had. The closing circle was emotional and full of lots of laughs.

Tenille Thomson
Homelessness Partnering Strategy

Good day, this was the first webinar that I participated in. The trauma informed approach to Housing First was relevant to me. Interestingly, the items that Alberta struggles with seem similar to our challenges in Ontario….SILO approaches, complex needs, inadequate volume of social housing stock, limited supported housing solutions… I look forward to listening in again.

Sandra Fraser - Community Support Worker

Wally, the workshop was excellent. Thank you. Tracy is a gifted facilitator, and was able to move the discussion forward when it got uncomfortable, without glossing over the roadblocks to coordinated access that the participants discussed (roadblocks to breaking down silos, internal policies, unwillingness to share control, need to acknowledge and respect each other’s strengths and limitations.) We had an amazing turn-out, as you can see from the participants listed below. It was by invitation and we asked each agency to send a manager and a front line worker. We had 54 people. Almost everyone responded positively.

Barb Lysnes - Aboriginal HPS Worker

CMHA Central Alberta hired Wally’s team to do some training for us.  We wanted a refresher on what Housing First means and why it works as well as some training on effective goal planning.  We got all this and more in our two days with Carrie.  She provided hands-on tools to use in our work and talked through real scenarios to provide depth to our learning.  Staff expressed being motivated and encouraged to continue this work!

Christine Stewart - Executive Director

The CAEH TTA program is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Community Capacity and Innovation funding stream of Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy.