Our Approach

The Training and Technical Assistance Program is a mission-focused, non-profit consulting service. Our goal is to support and accelerate an end to homelessness in Canada by providing high quality, accessible, affordable, evidence-based training and technical assistance.

Letter from the director

Since our humble beginnings in late 2015, the CAEH Training and Technical Assistance program has strived to deliver the best supports, coaching and training to communities trying to solve for the seemingly impossible: ending homelessness. Our team is always amazed at our matched drive, passion and focus with the communities, organizations and groups we have served over the years as we all work toward our shared goal of making the impossible possible. Like those we serve, we are known for setting ourselves apart. Our team does that by providing tailored training and technical assistance services to match the needs and nuances of each community.

Ending homelessness in Canada requires trailblazing communities committed to this goal and we meet these communities where they’re at thanks to our effective model, which is based on Connection, Customization and Quality.


Our first step is to engage each community in a discussion about what types of training they are looking for to best support their efforts. We start this process by asking a series of questions to learn everything we can about a community’s current system, key players and stakeholders. We want to understand a community’s needs so we can determine what support will be the most beneficial. We believe it is our job to make sure our training and services supports your overall growth and development as a system of care. This means we will also discuss your potential plans going forward and how we might play a role in that process to assist you in our goals of ending homelessness. 


When it comes to being consumer-driven, our goal is to provide you with what you feel you need the most. We have very few training topics in our portfolio that cannot be customized to address specific needs identified by you and your community. We have combined various topics and we have created new trainings based on identified needs. With myself and dedicated expert trainers with a wide array of skills and expertise we have a wide range of training areas we can cover. We can deliver everything from on-site training and presentations to live or pre-recorded webinars and video training. Additionally, we can build consultation and coaching models to suit you. We do our best to deliver based on a time-frame that works for you. Lastly, if we are unable to meet your needs with our internal system, we have established great relationships with other consultants and organizations that allow us to cost effectively broker training for you.


We deliver on what we promise. We ensure that you receive high quality support. Our model allows us to keep training costs affordable yet high quality. We work with a diverse set of professionals and experts who also believe in quality performance. We are committed to training delivery, evaluation, post-training coaching and support, so communities walk away with a firm understanding of what they’ve learned. Each training, depending on the topic and length, will come with post-training coaching and follow-up.

I am committed to ensuring that 100 percent of the communities we work with come away from our service feeling confident about what they’ve learned. We are constantly on the lookout for new best practices and ways to enhance current ones. We are open to new ideas and additional ways to be creative in the delivery of quality expert training that arm communities with the tools they need to effectively address the homelessness challenges they are facing. Please review our training menu as we are coming out with new products from time to time and don’t be afraid to challenge us and ask for something you don’t see listed.

We are excited to work with you and provide Canada with the highest quality training and technical assistance available.

Wally Czech

The CAEH TTA program is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Community Capacity and Innovation funding stream of Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy.