Online Courses & Onboarding Modules

Onboarding Modules

These self-paced brief modules are designed to provide individuals, programs, or systems with basic information on various key topics related to best practices and concepts for ending homelessness. They provide both the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of each topic and the ability for new staff to begin their respective roles in the sector with an introduction to essential knowledge and training. Organizations or systems can use them as requirements upon being hired, through a subscription to a package, or they can be taken as one-offs. Some of these modules provide all the information necessary on that particular topic, while others are preparatory to a more fulsome training but make it possible to give new staff helpful information immediately upon beginning their work. 

Each module, taken on an individual basis, is priced at $50 and may be purchased by clicking the payment link which can be found by clicking on the module image to reveal the topic description. Some modules may be under development which will also be indicated. 

Subscription Packages

Organizations or systems may choose to purchase a package subscription allowing them to customize a group of modules to serve as a formal onboarding process. There is also the option to work with us to further customize modules to include local context if desired, however, this would incur additional costs. Click on the Image for “Module Subscriptions” under “TTA Membership” for additional information including benefits and pricing. Subscriptions will also result in discounted pricing for our live training.


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The CAEH TTA program is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Community Capacity and Innovation funding stream of Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy.